About Me

Charly Castro is an international lifestyle photographer and adviser on Online/Digital Marketing from Germany with Asian roots.

In 2009 Charly Castro founded his company, Charly Castro Photography, operating out of  Germany and meanwhile also Europe.

Together with his retained clients and partners, year on year, Charly Castro orientates himself through specialised photo shoots to create images that enable a new form of high-end advertising for his clients and their brands, in aspects of lifestyle marketing! Charly Castro places his main focus on the custom bike and car scene, along with people photography!

With his unique way of creating and finishing his pictures with passion Charly Castro established a good reputation as an artist, found fans world-wide and is published by international press. He focuses on exceptionalism and exclusivity. From the beginning Charly invalidates the rules of commercial photography.


‚I love trying creative things in a fast paced environment. I adapt to any given situation and try to bring the beauty out that is already there. This is your day, lets have fun with it and make memories‘

Be a Operate

In the Year 2012, Marcus Walz, and their team put their trust in Charly Castro from the very first day, when it comes to refining the world’s most expensive motorcycles. Art works like “Bad Company” where the famous swiss tattoo model Hell Glam and two WALZ bikes came together in an old abandoned factory hall to be finished by Charly’s creative retouch. This picture was published in some dozen of magazines in the same year and awarded as one of the best tattoo model pictures in Europe in the Year 2012.

His international customers take him to great locations like the Côte d’Azur where he also hosted his second vernissage in the Year 2013. He demonstrated his special talent. The Exhibition was on the Fashion for Floors Store at Monte Carlo.

Summer 2014 Charly Castro had the chance to photograph Kimi Räikkönen’s legendary ICEMAN II bike. This time a glamorous mansion on the cliffs of the Côte d’Azur served as location where Charly Castro captured the Ferrari-red bike together with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. This photo will be featured in chosen magazines only.

With the „Benchmark“ – Walz Hardcore Cycles‘ most expensive motorcycle – Charly created „Grand Benchmark“. Neither trouble nor expense where speared when the Benchmark was brought to the Côte d’Azur where the legendary Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat was chosen – one of the oldest und most exclusive six star hotels in Europe. Charly photographed the Benchmark in front of the prominent entrance of the hotel what made him the first photographer to get the permission for such a shooting. The photoshooting was kind of a spectacle when no less than Jay Kay (lead singer of Jamiraoquai) appeard at the set. As first photographer ever Charly Castro shot the „TRIDAYS 13“ – the famous bike by internationally known bikebuilder Marcus Walz. These pictures were also published in the international press and are a demonstration of his creative work.

June 2016 Charly Castro is one of the few photographers Worldwide which has received the approval for a photo shoot on the Heliairport Monaco, thanks to this reputation in the Principality of Monaco, and he implementing to Photograper and Ececutive Producer.

In the same Year Charly Castro organized a photo shoot on the legendary Giuseppe-Meazza-Stadion on Mailand.

Client List

Volkswagen TWSTEEL Fashionforfloors RTL Triumph GALA RivaVerlag Lamborghini Fourseasonshotel SonyMusic BMWMotorrad…..


Regardless of his art Charly Castro based 2014 the Social-Artist Projekt #COURAGE what against Childabuse strong. He is founder and Executive Director.

Since 2015 advises Charly Castro Companies throughout Europe in Online-Digital Marketing, from the planning to operational implementation.

Since 2017 Charly Castro founded the Vape E-Liquid Brand Vapepalace. The acts to CEO!

„Tattoo Art“

2018 publish Charly Castro his first Book entitled ‚Tattoo Art“ together with the Riva-Publisher from Munich.